Published On: November 10th, 2023//Last Updated: November 21st, 2023//

Our Evening At The Lorenzo

Our Evening At The Lorenzo was a huge success and we want to thank everyone that attended this event and supported our mission. Your generosity and desire to help us change the lives of America’s youth, allowed us to raise over $100,000 to support our programs!

Special guests in attendance included our very own Chairman and Medal of Honor recipient, CSM Gary Littrell as well as fellow Medal of Honor recipient, Petty Officer Robert “Doc” Ingram.

Also in attendance was Mr. Tony Orlando, an Iconic American Entertainer and award winning artist. Tony has been in show business for over 50 years entertaining audiences all over the world with chart topping hits like “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree”, “Knock Three Times” and many others. Tony has dedicated his life to veterans’ causes and has won the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Bob Hope award for excellence in entertainment as well as countless others for his tireless work. We are proud that Tony is also on the board of Tribute to Valor.

Emmy award winning TV Anchor and Broadcast Journalist, National Media Personality and another Tribute to Valor board member, Scott Murray, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Attendees were treated to the vocal prowess of Mr. Albion Josiah, who has been featured at celebrity charity events all over the world, who sang The Star Spangled Banner. Award winning country music recording artist, Phil Vandel, has toured all across North America and the world entertaining audiences and service members alike. Phil wrote a song for Tribute to Valor called “Who Am I?”, which he performed for the crowd. Danny Griego is an Arizona born, Texas-based country music singer/songwriter who has made frequent stops to sing at military bases all over the country and has written two songs “Lady Liberty” and “22” to honor American military veterans, also performed.

Tribute To Valor’s “Pay It Forward” award was presented Jan Miller and to Jeff Rich, Dallas area Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

Gary Littrell’s vision for Tribute to Valor is to teach today’s youth about the 6 core values of a Medal of Honor recipient: Courage, Sacrifice, Commitment, Integrity, Patriotism and Citizenship.  They must then look in a mirror and ask themselves “Who Am I?” and answer using these characteristics. He believes that by spreading this message, we can change the lives of America’s children. Everyone comes to a fork in the road in their life when they have to make a decision about which path to take. Sometimes a nudge in the right direction is all it takes to make a difference.

It was an amazing evening, filled with laughter, music, stories and a lively rendition of “Tie A Yellow Ribbon “Round The Old Oak Tree” which was performed by Tony Orlando and three lucky members of the audience.

Please enjoy the photos below and thank you again for your support!

Published On: November 10th, 2023//Last Updated: November 21st, 2023//

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